DOT compliant ga fleettalk cover north georgia urban cities
Georgia FleetTalk DOT compliant better than a cellphone
clients love Georgia FleetTalk nexedge two-way radios
DOT regulations prohibit cellphones in most commercial vehicles.
DOT compliant public safery two-way radio Georgia FleetTalk nexedge

Georgia FleetTalk uses Kenwood technologyWhat’s Georgia FleetTalk?

Georgia FleetTalk is an all-digital network built especially for business. We cover  Atlanta, North Georgia, parts of South Carolina and Tennessee. Subscribers communicate using rugged two-way digital radios from JVC / Kenwood and now Hytera.

Thanks to Kenwood’s latest digital technology, Georgia FleetTalk audio is crisp, immune to static and easy to understand. It’s also as secure as your cellphone, with coverage surpassing other services, even in remote rural areas.

Speaking of which …

“My business uses cellphones. Why do I need Georgia FleetTalk?”

broken-cellphoneCellphones are versatile devices – sometimes too versatile. They allow employees to talk or text outside of your control, on company time. They offer a million ways to waste time via apps, social media and games. They’re fragile and easy to break. And that extra bandwidth necessary to support all that versatility? You’re paying for it, whether you need it or not.

Worst of all, those distractions are both potentially dangerous and often illegal. Federal and state regulations limit the use of cellphones and often prohibit them outright for commercial drivers. Use a cellphone for work communication, and you may be risking loss of money, loss of business or loss of life.

Here’s why you need Georgia FleetTalk:


  • It’s single purpose, with all the functions of a cellphone yet none of the distractions.
  • Georgia FleetTalk communicates throughout Atlanta and North Georgia. Distance isn’t an issue.
  • Our Kenwood radios are tougher than cellphones and almost impossible to break.
  • Georgia FleetTalk radios are easy to use in moving vehicles. They’re safe – and legal.
  • Georgia FleetTalk offers both group communication for maximum collaboration and private, one-on-one communication when you need it.
  • Georgia FleetTalk mobile radios are hard-wired into your vehicle and always ready to power up. You’ll never go out of contact because of a dead cellphone.
  • Special features like GPS and event monitoring – being able to tell when a vehicle stops to perform a function, for example – can be programmed into Georgia FleetTalk radios and monitored on a desktop computer.
  • Air time per unit via Georgia FleetTalk costs as little as $14.95 a month, far less than the cost of cellphone air time – and there are no long-term contracts.
  • And if you’re outside the Georgia FleetTalk coverage area and you MUST connect with a cellphone … we have an app for that.

Georgia FleetTalk is clearly better for business. To schedule your free, no-obligation demonstration, call 678-218-9900 or email us today.

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