clients love Georgia FleetTalk nexedge two-way radios
DOT compliant ga fleettalk cover north georgia urban cities
DOT regulations prohibit cellphones in most commercial vehicles.
Georgia FleetTalk DOT compliant better than a cellphone
DOT compliant public safery two-way radio Georgia FleetTalk nexedge

About Georgia FleetTalk

Georgia FleetTalk is the first and only commercial NEXEDGE® digital communication network in Georgia. With towers in Atlanta, Cartersville, Rome, Athens and throughout North Georgia, Georgia FleetTalk offers the largest two-way coverage in the state, with seamless roaming, GPS tracking, group and private talk, and many more features. Our partnership with Gunby Communications and Dalton Communications has expanded the available footprint well into South Carolina and Tennessee. Georgia FleetTalk is also part of the FleetTalk network in the Eastern US.  We are able to offer extended coverage in Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.  

Georgia FleetTalk was launched by Radio One inc. Norcross, Ga.  Co-founded by longtime communication professionals Steve Keller, Dave Keller and Dennis Wolcott, Radio One has provided Atlanta and North Georgia with creative two-way-radio solutions and state-of-the-art service for nearly two decades.

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